Who are the Freemasons and what do they do?

The Freemasons are believed to have more than 300 years of history to them. Studies show that they have their roots to the medieval trade guilds. It is particularly associated with the stone masons who have the practice of traveling long distances for their work.

Even though there is lots of information available about these Freemasons, there are certain facts that have kept as a secret and remain a mystery. It started as a group of people who had mutual trust in each other in trade-related issues. It later grew, and the members started having secret handshakes, code words and other secret symbols that helped them increase their trade among their group.


The Lodges

When it comes to Freemason, the Lodges refer to the place where the Freemasons gather for a meeting. It is often misunderstood that the Freemason own separate buildings that they used for meeting purposes. These meetings from the beginning till now have always remained a secret to the outer world.

The Grand Lodge

In the 1717 four London lodges joined together to form a bigger lodge which is called as the United Grand Lodge of England. It is believed that after the formation of the United Grand Lodge of England the Freemasonry has opened its gates to all professionals. The studies from UGLE state that there is more than 200000 Freemason in the United Grand Lodge of England.

It is also said that there is also another grand lodge, which is the Grand Lodge of Ireland which consists of Northern Ireland and Scotland. This grand lodge has about 150000 members.

The Belief

The majority of the lodges practice the Anglo-American, which refers to the belief in the existence of super power. It is not necessary that the belief needs to be in a particular religion. It can be the belief of Supreme Being of any denomination.

The Core

In Freemasonry, there are three core principles. They are brotherhood, truth which means high moral standards and third is relief or charity. The Freemasons have very high belief in charity works. It is said that many lodges are constantly involved in charity works without the world’s knowledge. The Grand Lodge alone raises more than 33 million Euros every year.

The Lodge routines

The meetings of the masons are nothing different than the meeting of charitable trusts, rotary clubs, , and parish councils. The updates about trade, social events, sport and charitable funds are discussed. But the one thing that is getting people so curious is their mysterious ceremonies.

These ceremonies have always stayed secret. It is believed that the member enters as an apprentice. As days pass by, they gain knowledge and become “Fellowcraft.” By attaining the necessary knowledge and experience from the society, there are rituals conducted to be named as Master Mason.

These are some of the information that is available about the Freemason who have existed more than three centuries. Most of their information has always been protected. The reason for the information is so secret is because it is one of the basic rules of the Freemasons to protect the information that they have about the fraternity. Breaking the rules is highly punishable.