Basic things needed to be known in stone masonry .

Stonemasonry is one of the ancient arts or methods of creating buildings. They make use of stones and sculpt the rocks into smooth surfaces along with creating designs and fixing them together in such a way they stand the test of time and last all the way through. Most of them have lasted the test of time here are some of the famous buildings that are of the stone masonry. The Egyptian built by some of the great Pharos , Taj Mahal built in India by the Mughals , Angkor Wat , Persepolis, these are some of the famous and well know buildings made using the art of stone masonry

Here are a few things that will give a brief description of what stone masonry is.

Stonemason house


Let us begin the discussion about stone masonry discussion about various stones that will be used by the stonemasons in order to create various  structures

Igneous stone

Also known as the Granite. This is one of the harder stones that the stonemasons work with, and it is  a challenge to work with these stone, and also it requires different techniques to carve and chisels the stones to perfection , it is so different that it is totally a separate trade of its own. These kinds of ben used in order to add durability and strength to the stone structure created. Though they are the toughest of the stones yet they are used in order beautify and add strength thus it meets the twin needs of the building.

Metamorphic stone

It is also called as marble stones it is  a fine and an easy stone to work with they come in various colors but the color most commonly used in the past centuries and to this day used is the white color marble. These are the stones which defined the sculptures of them , and it remains intact to this day. These are the very stones that were preferred by the sculptors of the time to make sculptures and buildings, they have a really high artist value, and they beautify the place where they are put . and they have a much higher value than the other stones .


Many of the famous building in the world have been built using this stone even the most famous St. Peters cathedral is also built using limestones

Stones were used as they were the only material through which stronger buildings could be built as this was age were cement still not found; thus stone became one of the most heavily used material in the ancient world.


There are different types of , and each of them is very distinct from the other.

Fixer mason is the man who fixes stone using mortar, memorial masons are those people who headstone carving for the grave , rubble masons are those mason who uses roughly cut stones and past them to the wall using the mortar, stone veneer these are the kind of stone mason than collect all the stone and arrange them in an order and paste as a protective covering to the walls .

These are the different types of stone masons .